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junior@agc nurtures girls aged 5, 6 and 7. She will blossom as she sings, dances and plays in our fun and inclusive classes.

The junior@agc curriculum is focussed on developing performing arts skills in a playful environment. Each lesson will see girls develop vocal skills through a variety of warm-ups, rounds, singing games and fun songs; they will also learn repertoire for the mid-year and end of year performances in which all girls are involved. Our staff team uses the renowned Kodaly and Orff methods to teach musical concepts and enhance repertoire learning. In addition to singing, our classes include movement and choreography, drama and speaking exercises, and fun games with a teamwork focus.

Our vertical learning approach means that we are able to encourage all girls in their weekly classes - whether this is her first taste of the performing arts, or she has previous experience. We know that our 'hidden curriculum' - enhanced confidence, self esteem, public speaking skills, discipline, presentation and team work - is a highlight for parents looking to provide their daughters with important life skills.

Girls are encouraged to attend a free trial class before joining, which will provide a taste of the range of activities we offer. It's not necessary for girls to prepare anything for this class and your daughter will not be required to sing by herself. She will be 'buddied' up with one of our current choristers and will participate in the class activities with the other girls, allowing her to get a feel for what weekly classes are like.

The junior@agc levels are:
Piccolo level - Kinder/Prep/Pre-Primary/Reception and Grade 1
Vivo level - Grade 2

View our agc brochure for further information

junior@agc junior@agc

See our junior@agc girls doing the Bunny Hug!



agc Brochure agc Brochure

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