Rights and Responsibilities Policy

The Australian School of Performing Arts (ASPA) is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all participants in Australian Girls Choir (AGC) and Australian Arts Alive (a3) classes and programs. We strive to provide the highest standard of educational and pastoral care at all times and to give students a positive learning experience.

AGC choristers and a3 participants have the Right to:
• participate in a safe environment
• experience the highest standard of educational and pastoral care
• be treated with respect and courtesy by other participants and staff
• learn the appropriate curriculum
• learn in an environment free from all forms of bullying
• take advantage of the opportunities presented to them in sessions

AGC choristers and a3 participants have the Responsibility to:
• be polite and considerate of other students and staff
• be respectful of people, venues and property
• apply themselves in rehearsals, classes and workshops
• wear correct rehearsal uniform, or other communicated dress code, to every session
• be punctual and attend all rehearsals, workshops and events as applicable
• approach AGC or a3 staff, at their rehearsal venues or events or through their state office, with any special needs or concerns that may affect their safety or class participation.

Choristers’ and participants’ parents have the Right to:
• feel secure that their child is receiving the highest standard of care
• communicate with staff and management
• be treated with respect and courtesy by ASPA staff
• have access to ASPA policies when requested
• know that ASPA has assessed the suitability of staff to work with children
• receive feedback about their child’s progress

Choristers’ and participants’ parents have the Responsibility to:
• support and encourage their child’s attendance and participation
• notify ASPA of any prolonged absences
• provide correct contact information
• read the General Information and Terms and Conditions and adhere to the payment schedule as applicable and agreed
• inform ASPA staff of any emotional, physical, behavioural, medical or special needs that their child may have, including any custodial or legal issues and submit a Medical Action Plan or copy of court order if applicable
• ensure their child is punctual and is escorted to and from sessions
• provide written confirmation when their child will be collected by anyone other than the regular guardian
• assess the suitability of anyone with whom their child may be carpooling

ASPA staff have the Right to:
• expect cooperation and courtesy from students, parents and other staff
• enact the Behaviour Management Policy for any student who is disruptive to the safe and positive learning environment
• have their professional expertise recognised
• teach the AGC and/or a3 curriculum free from harassment and in a safe environment
• leave a rehearsal or class at the hour to which they have been contracted
• receive performance feedback from ASPA management

ASPA staff have the Responsibility to:
• adhere to and enact the procedures laid out in ASPA policies
• maintain professional teacher/student relationship at all times
• respond swiftly and conclusively to any allegations or suspicion of inappropriate behaviour, on the part of student, parents, staff or any other associate of the organisation.
• report any concerns about suspected child abuse to ASPA management in accordance with ASPA’s Child Protection Policy.
• provide basic first aid to students as required in accordance with ASPA’s Duty of Care Policy.
• be available to supervise students from 15 minutes before a session, until the last child is collected.
• ensure that students are never left on their own and are always accompanied by another student or staff member when leaving the group
• be available for attendance at additional events and staff meetings as required
• ensure that the AGC and/or a3 curriculum is being followed and taught to the highest possible standard
• ensure that a safe class environment is maintained at all times
• provide feedback to ASPA management regarding the progress of all students for whom they teach

General Responsibilities
ASPA expects all students and employees to abide by the rights and responsibilities outlined in this document. With regard to discrimination and harassment employees and students will:
• be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others
• treat all persons with respect, dignity and proper regard for their rights and obligations
• respect the privacy of others
• act at all times in such a way as to ensure good relations
• not knowingly discriminate against, abuse, harass, ridicule or bully anyone
• refrain from any form of victimisation towards others
• conduct themselves in a proper manner so as not to bring themselves or ASPA into public disrepute or censure
• not disclose to any unauthorised person or organisation information that is of a confidential or privileged nature concerning the organisation or an individual connected with ASPA
• not promote, or pass on, exchange or publish information whereby that information may be of a confidential, offensive, scandalous, unsubstantiated or derisive type
• immediately report any inappropriate behaviour to their state office (parents) or direct manager (staff).