Re-enrolment and Promotion

Each year re-enrolment information is sent to all parents in the week following the Annual Concert, offering girls a position in a specific level of the choir for the following year. For choristers in junior@agc and the training levels, the level offered is based on the Tutor's assessment of your daughter's development over the choir year. For choristers who wish to join the senior performance groups, the level offered is based on the results of an audition (see further information below).

All current choristers are required to re-enrol at the end of each year. Their continued place in the choir will be guaranteed up until the re-enrolment deadline. When the re-enrolment deadline has passed, places will be offered to new enrolments. Many classes have waiting lists and we cannot guarantee places for current choristers after the re-enrolment deadline.

Information regarding re-enrolment for 2018 will be available here in Term 4.

Promotion into our Senior Performance Groups
Once girls complete one year in Concert level - our highest training level - they are eligible to audition to become part of one of our senior performance groups (Camerata or Performing Choir). Entry to these performance groups is not guaranteed; however we encourage all Concert level girls to audition.

Choristers audition in groups with peers of the same rehearsal venue. Choristers are seen by two AGC staff members who have clear selection criteria for the audition and work hard to ensure every chorister has the best chance to represent themselves well. Acceptance into one of our senior performance groups is restricted to those who audition and successfully meet all audition criteria, including an assessment of each girls’ vocal quality, ability to hold their vocal part on their own and as part of a group, ability to take direction and perform more complicated choreography, stage and presentation skills, as well as their social readiness and ability to work within a team. In particular, the ability to hold a vocal part is the most common reason why girls are unsuccessful in their audition for Camerata – this is a distinguishing skill.

If girls are unsuccessful in this audition they will remain in the Concert level and are welcome to audition again at the end of the following year. We encourage parents to contact the office to receive feedback and make the audition process a valuable learning experience. It is normal for girls to spend several years in the Concert level so that they are prepared musically, socially and in performance for the more advanced activities of our performance groups. Some girls have completed their AGC career in year 12 in the Concert level.


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